Real pet mask “My family” is sold only for order made.
I will send you some pictures of pets and will make it based on that.

The minimum price is 300,000 yen in Japanese yen.
The cat mask I posted in the article was 350,000 yen.
In the case of the US dollar, we will withdraw at the rate of the day.
For March 1, 2019: 300,000 yen → $ 2687

However, dog masks tend to be expensive due to difficult hair.
Depending on the type, it is expected that it will cost more than 450,000 yen.

Overseas shipping is also possible, but shipping costs separately. _ en
※ The basic location Tokyo
The production period is about 2 month. (The number of days sent will be different)

culpture Paint Just put on


■Rough flow
1) Please send necessary materials (see PDF)
2) We will submit an estimate (including shipping fee) and a period
3) Transfer confirmation (PayPal payment + PayPal fee)
4) Production started.Sending some picture during making mask to check
5) Complete! and Mailing

You can see the cat who became the model this time, Lui-kun mask here!


If there is a question, I will answer anything!